2023 STAY! at Bar K Updates


STAY! at Bar K is kicking off 2023 with some exciting news! We have a few updates to share with you. The first exciting update is that we are extending our hours into the evenings! Beginning on Monday, January 23rd STAY! at Bar K will stay open until 8pm Monday through Friday.

Our New Business Hours as of January 23rd:

Monday – Friday: 7am to 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sundays: Closed


Introducing Express Baths

STAY! at Bar K is introducing a new service, Express Baths, beginning on Monday, January 23rd! These baths are intended as a freshen up for Bar K members prior to exiting the park. Express Baths will range from $20 to $45 depending on your pet’s weight.

An Express Bath is an expedited bath that includes a thorough wash with shampoo to get the pet’s skin and coat clean and deodorized. The pet’s coat will be dried as much as possible during the allotted 45 minute appointment time. Depending on the size and coat type, some pets may still be damp at the completion of the appointment to ensure the appointment is completed on time.



Express Bath Pricing:

  • $20: Extra Small 0-9
  • $25: Small 10-29
  • $30: Medium 30-49
  • $35: Large 50-69
  • $40: Extra Large 70-99
  • $45: Giant 100+

Nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland expression and hair trimming are not included in an express bath. Nail trimming and filing may be added to an Express Bath for $6.

Express Bath Limitations:

Pets with needs that prevent the appointment completion within 45 minutes or less are not candidates for the Express Bath program including:

  • Pets that have matted or tangled hair
  • Pets that have behavior or temperaments that require additional appointment time or the use of two employees
  • Giant breeds with a double coat such as the Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard

Pets that are not eligible for Express Baths are invited to make a Grooming appointment for a full appointment slot.


Announcing DayCamp+, an additional evening DayCamp session, at STAY! at Bar K beginning on Monday, January 23rd.

Daycamp+ is for the pet parents with a busy schedule! Daycamp+ allows you to take advantage of STAY! at Bar K’s evening hours. Your pet will receive an additional 2 and a half hours of playtime in the evening. Now you can both enjoy yappy hour or simply appreciate a later pickup time after a long day. Either way, you’ll rest easy knowing your pet is enjoying playing with friends! Daycamp+ is an additional $20 per day, or an additional $15 per day when added to your subscription or pass!


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