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St. Louis Pet Boarding for Dogs & Cats

After 40-plus years of offering some of the best dog boarding services in St Louis, we understand how important it is for Pet Parents to find the right dog sitter or pet caregiver. You want to ensure your pet is healthy, exercising regularly, and getting his daily dose of belly rubs (with an occasional treat thrown in for good measure). But can you trust a traditional dog boarder to be your surrogate while you’re away?

At Kennelwood Pet Resorts, we’re different from your traditional dog and cat hotel in St. Louis. Although “kennel” is in our name, we take pride in operating anti-kennel pet boarding facilities throughout Illinois and Missouri. Our luxury pet suites are monitored 24/7, heated and air-conditioned, comfortable, spacious – just think of them as five-star hotel rooms for the fuzziest of family members. Some of our private pet villas even come with webcams, allowing Pet Parents to keep an eye on things, morning, noon and night. Learn more about how we put your pet’s safety and well-being first on our Pet Wellness page.

Whether you need overnight pet boarding in St. Louis or someone to watch your kitty for a month, you can trust our staff to pamper your fur-baby like there’s no tomorrow. Browse our pet hotel options, check dog boarding prices and vaccination rules, and book a room below. Your pet’s vacation awaits at Kennelwood Pet Resorts.

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Kennelwood Dog & Cat Boarding Options

Just like Pet Parents, doggies and kitties can have very particular tastes. That’s why we’ve elected to offer a wide variety of pet hotel rooms and boarding facilities for our furry friends! We have private canine resorts for larger pups and multi-dog families. We have special cat hotel suites equipped with large windows, numerous perching spots, and aquariums. We have puppy hotel rooms and studios for smaller dogs. We even offer private boarding for nervous dogs.

Take a look at our available pet resort room options below, and don’t forget about our pet grooming, doggie daycare, and dog training services. If you’d like to test-drive one of our animal boarding facilities near Maryville or St. Peters, be sure to ask about our free Pet SleepOver Orientation offer.


A free, one-night trial of our St. Louis pet boarding services & kennel facilities

Remember your first time going to sleep away camp? It can rattle the nerves, for sure, and pets can experience the same emotions when being boarded for the first time. At Kennelwood, we aim to alleviate any anxiety that may occur for both you and your pet. That’s why we OFFER ONE FREE OVERNIGHT STAY prior to your pet’s actual vacation.

A variety of fun resort activities and treats are included when you sign up for Pet SleepOver Orientation:

  • One Free Night Stay
  • A Complimentary Bath
  • A Detailed Report of the Stay

Your Choice of One of The Following Enrichment Offerings:

  • Large Enrichment Bundle (2 Enrichment Activities, 1 Suite Treat, PupDates, & a Treat Puzzle)
  • DayCamp Bundle (DayCamp, 1 Suite Treat, PupDates, & a Treat Puzzle)

Please contact your nearest Kennelwood location to make your pet’s free SleepOver reservation. Pet SleepOver Orientations are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only, and are subject to availability.

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We offer several pet activities to make your dog or cat’s visit more enjoyable.

Order as many activities for your pet as you like. Enrichment Activities are perfect for any pet, regardless of activity level. Your pet will enjoy time outside of their room doing what they enjoy most. Whether it’s taking a walk, playing ball/fetch/tug, playing with bubbles, or having cuddle time. Let us know at check-in what your pet prefers. Doggie DayCamp is perfect for social pets. They’ll play in a supervised group of other pets their same size and temperament. Dogs and cats love our Suite Treats. Pet Parents can choose from Fro Pup, a probiotic frozen yogurt treat, Bizzy Bone, a peanut butter, pumpkin or mashed potatoes stuffed Kong toy, or our Feline Delight, seafood flavored kitty treat. If mental stimulation is what your dog craves, select an in-room Treat Puzzle, loaded with Riley’s Organics treats to enjoy. Our kitty friends go crazy for our Cat Nip Toy, too! You can stay connect while your away with PupDates, one text photo updates per day.

A variety of fun Resort Activity Bundles are available for your pet to enjoy during their stay:

  • Small Enrichment Bundle– (1 Enrichment Activity, and 1 Suite Treat) $12
  • Medium Enrichment Bundle– (2 Enrichment Activities, and 1 Suite Treat) $20
  • Large Enrichment Bundle– (2 Enrichment Activities,1 Suite Treat,PupDates, Treat Puzzle) $25
  • DayCamp Bundle– (DayCamp, 1 Suite Treat, PupDates, Treat Puzzle) $30
  • Purr Package– (Cat Nip Toy, Feline Delight treat) $8
  • Senior Care Package– (Extra Potty Breaks, Upgraded Bedding, and Senior Snuggle Time) $8

À La Carte Boarding Activities:

  • Daily DayCamp rate while at the Resort- $25
  • Enrichment Activity – $10
  • Suite Treat (For Pup, Bizzy Bone or Feline Delight) – $5
  • Treat Puzzle (For Dogs) – $6
  • Cat Nip Toy – $6
  • PupDates – $8

Please contact your nearest Kennelwood location to make your pet’s Boarding reservation.


Pets must have minimum vaccinations, please read more here.

Please read our safety policy.