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Feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone all day? He’s surely bored out of his mind, and you can bet he’s eyeing your new pair of sneakers while you grind out that nine-to-five. If only there was some sort of puppy play group or doggie day camp near you that could absolve you of that guilt – and save your shoes!

We welcome you (and your good boy) to join one of our popular pet DayCamp sessions in Missouri or Illinois. Whether you need to board your dog for a weekend or find an afternoon play date for your new puppy, we’ve got just the right canine socialization programs and activities to help your pooch let loose every ounce of pent-up energy. Plus, because we group dogs according to size, age and temperament, we promise he’ll fit in with the rest of his new furry friends.

Simply make a reservation online or contact your nearest Kennelwood Pet Resorts location. We can’t wait to see you and your pet soon!

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Supervised Canine Daycare Activities

Fun will be had by every pup attending our daily group play sessions. But “fun” isn’t everything, is it?

Host to some of the best dog day cares in St. Louis, we take pride in offering far more than an upgraded “dog sitting” service. DayCamp is also the ultimate fitness program for your pet, allowing him to run, romp, fetch, and frolic to his heart’s content. Supervised by experienced Pet Activities Counselors, our doggie DayCamp is open to all dogs, large or small, old or young. All we ask is your pet be neutered/spayed and have up-to-date vaccinations.

Review our special doggie DayCamp activities below to find your ideal playgroup.

DayCamp How-liday Parties and Other Special Dates

To keep Pet Parents engaged and their Canine Kids’ tails wagging, we even have specially themed Howl-iday sessions throughout the year! That means special activities, special parties, special games, and special treats each time you flip the calendar. Several times a year we also have special Camp for a Cause DayCamp parties. We invite our DayCamp friends to join us for camp on these special dates and a portion of that days DayCamp proceeds are donated to local pet organization in need.

Visit our Facebook page for recent Howl-iday pictures, and check out our updated 2021 DayCamp Howl-iday and Camp for a Cause schedule.

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Free Puppy Play Dates in St. Louis

Knowing the importance of proper socialization at an early age, we have created Puppy Play Dates! Puppy Play Dates are held on the first Wednesday of every month, for puppies 6 months and under.
This program includes offers to take advantage of our DayCamp, Training and Grooming services, and we didn’t forget about the free toy to take home! Puppies 6 months and under can visit the first Wednesday of every month to enjoy:
– Free Day of DayCamp
– Free Training Evaluation
– 25% off a Bath or Haircut
– Free Spa Bundle with Bath or Haircut
– Free toy to take home

Benefits of Puppy Play Date:
– Socialization and Exercise
– Puppies become familiar with the training process
– Opportunity to speak with a professional trainer

SPACE IS LIMITED DAILY! RESERVE YOUR PUPPY’S SPOT TODAY! (314) 429-2100 or Make a reservation online to secure a spot (they fill up fast).

Play ‘N Train (DayCamp & Dog Training)

We can’t train your dog to recite Shakespeare – we’re not canine magicians – but we can teach him to be a bit more couth.

As a participant in our Play ‘N Train program, your dog will receive top-notch obedience training in between recess sessions. When you pick him up, he’ll not only be more well-behaved, but he’ll also be tuckered out after a fun-filled afternoon of DayCamp. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

Purchasing a Play ‘N Train pass also provides you with a discounted rate for ongoing canine obedience training and our DayCamp services. Monthly memberships are available, as are 5-, 15-, and 30-day passes. Simply complete any In-Store Dog Training program, and your pet can experience the full tray of Play ‘N Train goodies. For more information, contact a Kennelwood pet hotel near you.

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Bath ‘N Play (Dog Grooming & DayCamp)

Having pampered pets for over 40 years, we can honestly say we’re some of the best dog groomers in St. Louis. Now we’ve paired that praise-worthy dog grooming expertise with our popular DayCamp, and minds have been blown.

Pet Parents, if you want your fuzzy BFFs to feel like a million bucks, treat him to a full afternoon at our dog spa. Bath ‘N Play, which is customized specifically for your dog, can include a wide range of Kennelwood services, such as bath and brush, SHED-X®, and Fresh Breath Treatments. Rates are dependent upon dog breed and size, so please discuss options with your Kennelwood dog bather.

Pet Day Camp & Training St Louis

Kennelwood DayCamp Rules & Regulations

Doggy Play ‘N Train Daycare Ballwin MO

Let’s snuff out the funny business. Dogs and puppies joining one of our doggie daycares near St. Charles must:

  • Be spayed and neutered (if older than 6 months of age);
  • Have no signs of fleas, ticks, or contagious diseases;
  • Be friendly toward people and other pets; and
  • Have minimum vaccinations, or at least 2 Distemper Series, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza vaccinations.

Other than that, every dog is welcome!

DayCamp Rates, Coupons & Treats

How much does our doggy day camp cost? Our daily DayCamp rates are quite affordable when compared to other St. Louis doggie daycare facilities.

Daily Rates

  • Daily Rate
  • Rate with Bath/Groom
  • Rate while vacationing in the Resort
St Louis Dog & Puppy Day Care Cost
Canine Daycare Maryville IL

DayCamp Passes with Multi-Day Discounts

  • 10 day DayCamp Pass
    $28 per day
  • 20 day DayCamp Pass
    $26.25 per day
  • 30 Day DayCamp Pass
    $25.27 per day
  • 40 day DayCamp Pass
    $24.38 per day

DayCamp Pass Holder Perks!

Not only do DayCamp passes save you money, but now you can enjoy these great perks too!

10% Off Bath or Groom
(discount can be combined with our grooming rebooking coupon)

10% Off Boarding per night rate
(discount only applies to the room rate & excludes enrichment activities and training with your pet’s boarding stay)

$10 Off Paw Prints Photo Packages
(discount excludes single Paw Prints photo purchases and annual Holiday Photo fundraising event packages)


  • Fro Pup (Frozen Yogurt)
  • Bizzy Bone
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Pets must have minimum vaccinations, please read more here.

Please read our safety policy.