Adam Jones

Kennelwood trainer

Adam has over 10 years of experience training dogs for Kennelwood Pet Resorts. As a father, he understands the importance of a well trained pet and he is dedicated to working with families and their pets.  Adam’s personal dogs have appeared in various advertisements and commercials.  As Sara E. Gilbert, DVM, of the Millis Animal Clinic, says about Adam, “Through Adam’s diligent training my high anxiety dog has developed into a remarkable companion.  Her social anxiety made it nearly impossible to have visitors in my home or take her to a kennel.  Adam worked patiently with her and she now enjoys boarding, has better coping mechanisms for strangers and knows many tricks to keep her engaged.  Thanks to Adam my dog’s life and my life are far more peaceful.”  “Adam is great and a very patient resource when it comes to training a puppy.”

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