Jamin Walker

Kennelwood trainer

Jamin began his career at Kennelwood in 2019 as a part time Daycamp Counselor at our Chesterfield location. Over time he moved into Customer Service where Jamin’s service excellence and leadership skills have made him the perfect fit as our STAY! At Bar K Facility Manager! Although, Jamin actually got his start in the pet care industry as a child. He pretty much grew up in the pet industry! Jamin’s family ran both a dog grooming business and bred several breeds of dogs including Shih-Tzus, Irish Setters, and Great Danes!

Jamin loves working at Kennelwood. Just ask him! “Getting to work around animals in such a variety of ways, through our different services, is such a blessing and always keeps the day interesting! I especially love getting to develop relationships over time, not just with the pets, but with their owners too. Getting to see these pets every day, and love on them, and tell their owners funny stories are the highlights of each day! I love that this position, while giving me opportunities to work in my office on various projects, never keeps me cooped up staring at a computer all day! I spend some time every day out in the dog park, in the grooming room, at the front desk, all over the place!”

Jamin has two dogs, Roxy, an American Staffordshire Terrier, and Monkey, a Bully-Shepherd mix! When they aren’t keeping Jamin on his toes, he is the co-host of a movie review podcast called Late to the Watch Party!

In his spare time, Jamin loves going out to The Muny or Fox to enjoy some theater! He also loves getting outdoors, exploring new places, and playing video games!


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