Libby Kasinger

Kennelwood trainer

Libby has always loved animals. From volunteering at local rescues, to pet sitting for friends and family, she has always found a way to be around animals of all shapes and sizes. Libby joined the Kennelwood Maryville team in 2019, as a Customer Service Representative, and that is where her passion truly sparked. Libby quickly made the decision to pursuit a career in dog training, and made her way to Kennelwood Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, as a member of the inaugural class, in 2021. 

“I love working with my clients and helping them to feel confident with their dogs. Watching families build stronger relationships with their dogs is why I love what I do.”

Libby’s pack consists of a Dutch Shepherd mix named Indigo, a Belgian Malinois named Ouija, a Lab named Havoc, and a feisty cat named Cora.

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